The EN MASSE (EM) project is an ever-expanding community of emerging and professional artists from different cultural backgrounds and aesthetic styles. It explores the power of shared creativity and community building through the production of highly spontaneous, collaborative black and white drawings and public installations.  We connect people through the cultivation of inclusive, safe spaces that are designed to foster innovative conversations among diverse communities.

Our process strives to remind people of their dreams; a portrait of our deeply human need to belong, to be affirmed, to be inspired, and to find a place where we can come together as a community.  Our practice affirms that contemporary art is most powerful when the work engages with challenging ideas through the use of accessible techniques that appeal to a very wide audience while exploring profound political and societal issues.

Founded in 2009, EN MASSE has created over 200 works of public art around the world in collaboration with more than 250 artists from myriad backgrounds including graphic novels, graffiti and street art, tattoo, illustration, design and the fine arts.

EN MASSE is a network of artists who are passionate about shared creativity.  The project is shaped by the constant introduction of new artists, techniques and perspectives.  Operated by Denver-born artist and Project Director Jason Botkin, the EN MASSE project operates internationally out of Montréal, Canada.