Born in the US and raised in Europe, I make paintings, drawings, wheatpastes and maybe I’ll do something in 3D in the future.

My work is mostly pretty autobiographical although that might not always be visible. I like my works to tell some sort of story. We’ve seen all the extremes in the realism vs abstract battles in the word of painting. I believe that our personal expressions are the only form of painting that will still remain interesting in the future. Our personal way of thinking and projecting our ideas on to the viewers is something that no one else can do, not in the way that we do it at least.

I’ve never been able to focus as long on anything else than art. I worked as a rougher in pre press advertisement for a while after my studies but it was creatively too draining. Soon I noticed that I was not working on personal projects and that the work I was doing wasn’t challenging me or gratifying in any way. Drawing out other peoples ideas for lame products and creatively blunted people pulling the strings.

Plenty of artists, dead and living ones, people, life, passion, consumerism, rebellion, comics, media in all forms, nostalgia… Basically ingredients that make me who I am as a person today. So most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings and past, and the way I take them in and process them.