Brooks Blair Golden

Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Focusing primarily on highly detailed drawing/painting and recently a specific drive towards large-scale mural painting.
Being surrounded by skateboarding and graffiti culture in Milwaukee introduced Brooks to lots of different styles and avenues when attempting to find
his creative voice. Currently focused on wall painting and adding to the long standing mural tradition in Chicago and surrounding areas, Brooks looks
to bring his specific brand of nature-Inspired symbolism and bold graphic style to the forefront of what is current in Chicago’s Contemporary Arts scene.

He is presently gearing up to paint again at Lollapalooza, 2013, although, this time painting a 40ft. by 10 ft. mural. Having just painted in July this year, a 24 ft.
Mural sponsored by a local Logan Square art space Galerie F, and still receiving lots of praise for a mural he painted last year in Pilsen. At this same time,
This owl mural was accompanied by a Chicago Tribune page three article and interview. The owl mural was painted under the AIPP(Arts In Public Places) community arts initiative in cooperation with the 25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis.

Coming from a fairly diverse family background, consisting of: Native American, African and French Belgian, he utilizes the symbols and iconic images
from these cultures to communicate his ideas through allegorical storytelling. Focusing specifically on the owl as his main subject matter,
the solitary nature of this quiet but weird bird of prey is something he finds very appealing. Other symbols like talking pyramids, inventive dream catchers
and other culturally specific images can be found throughout his artwork. Brooks is trying actively to create a visual resume of fantastic, and vibrant murals
that captivate and intrigue the communities in which they will eventually find a home. Brooks Golden is a Chicago based muralist and visual artist.