Carson DeYoung was born in Little Falls, New Jersey in 1988. Two years later his family moved to Boise, Idaho where he was raised. From a very young age Carson has had a passion for creating anything from paintings and books to ceramics and sculptures. Shortly after graduating high school Carson became obsessed with graffiti and it remains his number one passion to this day. Through graffiti he ignited his creative drive and has continued painting incessantly since then. Inevitably his artistic endeavors led to canvas work, and more recently an interest in the fine arts.

Carson creates from the world around him and from powerful life experiences. He gathers inspiration from his day to day life; selling art on the streets of New York City, painting in the street and the energy of NYC. His travels through Mexico, Central America and Europe have also been a huge inspiration for him.

Carson currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. His art continues to progress and he is, always searching for new styles and techniques to remain motivated and fulfilled. As for the future, he wants to continue traveling and painting in as many different foreign countries as possible, drawing from those experiences and continuing to evolve his art. He also hopes to establish himself as a strong figure in the NYC gallery scene.