Cheryl Voisine is a graphic designer and illustrator currently living in Montreal Quebec.  She attended the Ontario College of Art & Design University and liked it very much.  Her family is an encouraging bunch despite their misunderstanding of what it is she exactly does with her days.  To them she sits in front in of an easel and somehow creates illustrations, corporate branding, and all things “art” within a mysterious process that they prefer not to dwell on.  When she isn’t glued to her computer or sketchbook, you will be sure to find her baking up an alluring supply of sweet treats that she promptly divvies out so as to remove the temptation from her eager stomach.

In her spare time she enjoys brainstorming dream assignments and painting with her fellow Montrealers, En Masse when a project arises.

She also writes about art for Montreal Blog Midnight Poutine.