chris robertson

Chris Robertson first started screen printing in his bedroom at fifteen. In a dozen years nothing has changed, beyond move out of the bedroom, gain the experience of printing in shops all over Montréal, co-found and print for Moniker Screen Printing & Design, to where he can be found in his new home La Presse du Chat Perdu. Still screen printing, not very capable of doing much else. Luckily, he has a backup plan for amassing wealth and power. For years, as the presses went silent for the night, Chris would practice his skills in other mediums of printmaking. Woodcut came the most naturally to him, for its painstaking and monotonous nature lended itself well to his skills as a screen printer. Now giant monolithic slabs of wood delineate his innermost feelings, probing his memories to find some truth or cosmic reality in our existence. The grey areas of life treated in a monochromatic way. Balancing spatial harmony with thematic awkwardness is something that resonates well with him, and this is how he tells his story.