Through graffiti, EGR challenges archaic perceptions of women, by portraying physically powerful women in nature. She acutely delves into women’s place in the world in a metaphorical framework, which she spray paints on any given surface.

With the use of aerosol spray paint, EGR sentimentally portrays women with a bit of nostalgia and much beauty. Her work pays homage to fairy tales, by colliding head-on with futuristic, fantastical female characters and creatures that are either blessed or burdened by modern day convenience. Angelic fairies, reminisce the evolving roles of women in both industry and leisure. Through this exploration, EGR is discovering the challenges of renewed perceptions of faith, mental well being and female empowerment.

For over a decade, EGR (pronounced e•grr) has created artwork on just about any surface you could imagine, from canvas to concrete; inspired by fairy tales, fashion, music, city life, travel and graffiti. At 17, she studied Art and Interpretive Illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and began creating editorial illustrations for Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, in ’98, regularly for The Facts & Argumentspage. Her illustrations have appeared in RevolverPound and Tommy Boy Records. Her love of music coincides with her passion for creating live art at concerts, festivals and events the world over. EGR has exhibited her work in Canada’s first national exhibit of street art at the Institute for Contemporary Culture at The Royal Ontario Museum; the Art Gallery of Ontario, as well as galleries and city walls worldwide. Drawing from from everyday life, diverse cultural, spiritual and musical influences abound in the multi-media artwork of EGR.