I had a bitchin atari jacket when I was a kid that I often wore while riding my dirt bike – one day I got lost on my way home from some stripper cuts back in hick town ohio and my monstrous fifty ran outta fuel so I had to leave it in this random field – I pushed it for a while but for a seven year old that little fucker was heavy – anyways I’m all cryin and shit because I loved my mini bike and I was lost as…but eventually I found a house and they called my folks, then we went out on four wheelers with some extra petrol and rescued my little Honda – long story short it was a shitty day and I got grounded to top it off because I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near as far away as the stripper cuts I was riding at – that said, exploration is never overrated…

I tend to view art as holistic and inseparable from life.  Inspired to gain a better sense of awareness I’ve found painting provides, at least, a fictional forum for the practice of comprehension.

Eric Wixon earned a BFA from Kent State University in 2001 and has since displayed his work in galleries nationwide and overseas.  Recent exhibitions and projects include the 2013 Juried Biennial at William D Cannon Gallery, Momento Mori at Oceanside Museum of Art and working with Canadian art collective En Masse in Tijuana.  Commission work includes 15 pieces for the San Diego Repertory Theatre as well as murals in New Zealand, Portland, Colorado, and San Diego.  His work has also been used for apparel and board graphics.  Publication features include Studio Visit Magazine, City Beat SD, 944 Magazine, Pacific Magazine, Invision 2, and The Union Tribune.  With a commitment to community, this art professional continues to work with charity organizations such as LM Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, LA Stoked Mentoring, and Keep-A-Breast Foundation.  Eric lives and works in San Diego.