I’m told my first painting was done when I was just an infant in a crib, my cousin was babysitting me at the time and he came in to check on me, only to find I had removed my dirty diaper and proceeded to make a very large, abstract piece on the bedroom wall, my first mural; using the only material I had.


Many years later after exhausting all of the art courses my high school had to offer, we were soon introduced to a new course, computer graphics. The next year I proposed an internship whereby I could assist the teacher as well create all of the graphics for the schools publications. Thus began my love for teaching.


Upon graduating high school I moved to Toronto and began art school. After 2.5 years I dropped out feeling it was unnecessary to go to school and began to work; construction, the post office, emptying and cleaning beer kegs; uninspired minutia. I decided it was time to go back to school.


In my five or six years away, computer graphics technology had improved considerably. I attended a private school to learn computer animation on a sophisticated program still in its infancy. After 8 months of 80 hr weeks I had a demo reel, two 30 second animations. I got my first real “art” job doing technical support for film and television companies using the software.


After a few years I moved to Montreal and began working on television and film for an animation company. I was no longer drawing or painting, I was creatively dead outside of work, and work was not particularly inspiring.  Eventually I left the industry and luckily found a job teaching computer animation at small private college.


As a teacher I became filled with exuberance and passion again, I also had a very light schedule which permitted me to begin making artwork at home, and for fun even!  It’s been over 6 years since I have been teaching in Montreal, and 6 years since I have been actively drawing, painting and having fun being creative again. I try to spend at least a few hours every day working on something, something that I like and something that makes me happy; it’s good work if you can get it!