The intent was always to be direct with my approach to painting.  My art is an extension of my character, bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox.  I am a product of the late 20th and early 21st century’s contemporary-urban-expressionist movement.  My personal road of artistic journey began with cartooning as a child, graffiti as a teenager, logo design in county college, and the art of the abstracted figure or caricature in art school.  These are my influences which all meet at the crossroads of a harmonious interaction and unification among line, shape and color to form a unique path of artistic exploration.

I strive to engage the public to look beyond the confines of their presubscribed notion of reality by employing the emotion created by the combination of the art elements with the emotional energy of the subject matter.  My color pallet is extensive and expressive.  I apply my colors with a spontaneous purpose to create motion among the myriad of vivid hues rendered in laborious detail developing numerous, multi-layered opaque and irregular flat shapes.  I see movement where there is none and this is evident with the parade of contrasting sizes of shapes of colors, which were once design patterns that filled “wild-style” letters and have over time, mutated to other subject matter such as the human figure.  My graphic approach to fine art is not only evident in my “logo-esque” manner of strategically choreographed colors, but also in the way I illustrate with a black, hard-edge contour, adding a more fluid exaggeration, emotion and movement to my shapes and forms, especially in regard to the human figure.  It is with these three aspects of color, line and form that my work intrigues the viewers’ interpretation and bewilders their senses while simultaneously fascinating them.

Acrylic paint has been my choice of medium ever since I was a teenager painting hip-hop art on jean jackets and pants.  From denim I moved to canvas and began to fuse all of my influences into one unified body of self-expression.  Painting with acrylic allows me to aesthetically create a notion of cartoon-like colors, communicating a happy feeling of good energy.  I enjoy the plasticity of acrylic and the opacity the paint produces.  A few years ago I began to incorporate my contour with black ink.  The permanent ink gave me the same quality as black acrylic but shortened the amount of time it took to apply the laborious outline.  Like acrylic, ink compliments my distinctly linear style and the culminating feature of my work.

My purpose, or ‘mission’, is to achieve originality and integrity.  For ones art to stand apart from the rest, the artist must create a body of work that is unique.  What is art?  Art is in the mind of the viewer, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It is  of no importance whether art is admired or ridiculed only that it is remembered.