My name is Georgia Webber, and I am primarily a comics artist and writer. My background is varied, and my skillset is broad, but all of it comes from a career in publishing. I have experience in writing, editing (both comics and prose), design for print and web, production, administration, and publicity including event organization and management.

For three years, while working as a design assistant and bindery operator at Coach House Books, I co-founded and then ran an anthology publication called gangLion comics. I used a bi-annual publishing structure to facilitate collaboration, peer support and editing, and collective production. The skills and vision I developed through that project were then brought to various paid and unpaid positions at BookThug, The Scream Literary Festival, The Void Magazine, Trapshot Archives, Rover Arts, and my current position as Comics Editor of carte blanche.

At the moment, my work is focused on writing, drawing, and publishing my comic series, Dumb, excerpts of which can be seen in Taddle Creek, Descant: Cartooning Degree Zero, and the Irene comics anthology, as well as in kevin mcpherson eckhoff’s Selfie and in various interviews. For a full list of reviews, interviews, and recommendations, please visit my press page.

Finally, I am the Guest Services Coordinator (among other things) for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, an annual celebration of the comic arts community, the enduring accomplishments and potential of the comics medium, and Toronto, our home.

You can contact me for any reason at georgiasdumbcomics (at)