I’m a bohemian, freelance fine artist/illustrator/multimedia designer and a bit of a Neanderthal. By night- Finally following my dream of being  a comic book creator(art & writing). How? By starting a webcomics label with fellow creator- Bill Woodcock, called ABRAXAS COMICS GROUP. Among the titles is the Western/occult/horror book HOLLIDAY.

I live with my girlfriend , her 2 ka-boing-ing sons and 2 black cats. Yes, they’re way better than your cats, no you can’t have them.

  1. Superheroes, Myth & legend over most “relevant” comics.
  2. Bronze age over current age comics.
  3. Bourbon over beer.

I was raised by Italian-American Pirate Werewolves on Long Island, NY until I could run away to VT and relax in suburban passivity. After realizing I was “unfufilled”, I took up residence in Burlington, VT; urban enough to walk the concrete- VT enough to chill out. It ain’t Mott street or Hell’s Kitchen, but it still kicks ass in it’s own way.

Nothing’s perfect- PARTICULARLY ME.  I am lucky, healthy and a tiny bit smarter nowadays. That’s enough for now.

For more current info on me (cyber-stalkers or cyber-werewolves or lurking oozes are welcome) look to the “more flameape” section on my ever-expanding blogroll.


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