Jonathan Van Gysegem aka Shaft aka Oatmeal was born in the early 80`s in Belgium and grew up on the north side of  Brussels between Schaerbeek and Evere. He has lived there till 2010.

Today he`s based in Edmonton, Alberta. Working in retail and resident DJ on weekends, he doesn`t consider himself has an artist. His world has never been defined or regulated by others ideologies.

 ”After a period in Toronto i moved to Alberta. Edmonton seemed more graffiti friendly than Calgary. But i quickly realized that the lifestyle itself cannot be applied in this non-urban city type of. Edmonton is full of tiny stencils on concrete.. nothing artisticly consistent to my eyes. This lack of consistence inspired me. Right now my quest is based on making black and white faces. I like to paint quick. Spray paint is the medium, the technique is not free hand but a cans control is the key. If it looks like a giant stencil, then i feel good about it. ”