But by the act of giving it a name,
By trying to fix the limits of its world,
It becomes a fiction not a living beast,
Not a tiger out roaming the wilds of the earth.
— Jorge Luis Borges, The Other Tiger

Observation is simultaneously a creative and deconstructive act.
Environments are posited as not realms unto themselves but as series of interrelations inextricably tied to histories, multiplicities, and intent. Geometries, reflections, and strange archæologies relate to a world where the object becomes discontinuous. Motion through space and time uncertain, things no longer exist in and of themselves, but as tendencies to occur.


Kearon Roy Taylor is a printmaker, sculptor, & new media artist in Hamilton, Ontario.

He is a founding member of HAVN (Hamilton Audio/Visual Node), a collective studio and gallery space focussed on pushing the borders of installation, performance, & cross-media collaboration in his adopted hometown.

He also makes generative music and sound via live code with the Cybernetic Orchestra & Extramuros, and has been known to make his own music (though hasn’t gotten around to finishing anything in a while).