New Jersey made me smart, New York made me reckless.

I am, like many other members of my generation, the direct result of capitalist imperialism forced upon Latin America by the United States: a body migrated from one culture to another. This is the reason why I write to you in English and not in my native tongue, why I live in CuencaSeoulNew York, Newark and why my slang is Spanglish and a mix of every dialect south of the USA. This is also the reason why I work in between borders and fractures, why I get lost in strange cultures I know nothing about and the reason behind my constant curiosity.

I am an artist and an interloper making free art in public space about people and for people. My desire to work under an alias is a reflection of the importance of this narrative; my work is not about me as a single person but about us as a human society.

I paint murals and alter walls to create an environment of change that will allow us to imagine possible, better and brighter futures. As such I align myself and work with institutions and individuals who are willing to bring about this change in any scale. So lets keep it fresh and make it wavy!

Dec, 19, 2012.
Mar, 27, 2013.