Manny Trinh was born in Saigon City, Vietnam and is now based in Hamilton. His vivid memories of the human landscape of his homeland – dense yet sprawling, chaotic with an underlying order, decaying but full of life and growth – have become major influences on his work. He became passionate about skateboarding, which provided another important influence. The culture of skateboarding was more than an outlet for physical creativity. Being outdoors allowed Manny to interact with human structures and inspired a fascination with the textures of different surfaces that permeates his work. Manny’s art has expanded to focus on the entanglement of fantasy and reality by encapsulating a recognizable human core within surreal technology and splintered mechanical landscapes. After developing his skills independent of any formal study, Manny enrolled at Dundas Valley School of Art, with the goal of further expanding his artistic knowledge and abilities. He has been exhibiting his recent works in the Toronto area. Currently creating a new body of work, Manny is looking to show his art internationally.