Mathieu Connery is an artist who seeks to democratize urban space. He likes the surrealist themes of the circus, carnival and tribal ritual. He has a clear geometric influence from the symbolist and surrealist art movements of the early century.He is increasingly looking to extend his practice trough video, installation and photography.

“ I’ve practiced urban art for over seven years, conducting personal and collective mural in various neighborhoods of Montreal. My style is constructed around naïve art, geometric, symbolist and surrealist painting movements. When out in the wild I will probably aim for textured and aged walls on which I love integrating my works. In these paintings, the message is often in the form : I’ll omit to paint the background to reaveal the original texture behind the piece, often compact and central. I am looking for the contrast, the paradox between content and container. I love assistance of external actors of anonymous graffiti artists and the cleaning squad. I’m also organizer of the Danse-mur festival which invites mural artists. Scaffolding are used as scenes for various performances. I love painting styles wooden panels found in the street. I make portraits that integrate several abstact painting styles that contrast with the realism of some anatomic figurative elements. „

Instagram: @mathieuconnery