MELISSA DEL PINTO, a Montreal based artist, is pleased to present her first solo exhibition
entitled “WANDERLUST”.

“Wanderlust” is an innate desire to wander, travel and explore the world. Although we have
the ability to fly we sometimes choose to be still and in that necessary stillness, lies a kind
of magic.

In this series of paintings, and meticulously sculpted frames and chairs, Del Pinto
demonstrates the profound stillness of presence and the nostalgic lure of the past.
Her passion for painting and love for birds were discovered simultaneously during her
childhood and have led her to explore the fusion of these two worlds. Using oils as her
primary medium of choice, she welcomes the whimsical and sporadic application of aerosols
to an otherwise traditional approach to painting.

Symbolizing awareness and the forever fleeting present, birds’ inherent beauty takes center
stage. Frames meticulously sculpted from elements of our past – toy dinosaurs and soldiers,
collected shells from sea side vacations, and silk flowers from our grandmothers’ interior gardens are a juxtaposition to the birds they surround.