Revise CMW grew up riding the subways. He was exposed to the world of graffiti at a very young age through the colorful rooftops the redline had to offer. It was not until he entered junior high that he decided to take on this very demanding art form.

Revise has always had an appreciation for the elements of style, color, form and composition in graffiti. In high school he began creating his own recognizable wild style. At the time, Revise was highly influenced by his peers in the Chicago graffiti community. However, he has come to stand out due to his constant experimentation. His artistic approach has stretched far beyond the graffiti standard of producing letters.

As a member of the famed Chicago’s Most Wanted crew, Revise has been able to hone his skills. With CMW, he has painted numerous walls and hit high profile street spots offering inevitable, and often notorious, exposure. His experiences with the Chicago graffiti network, as well as his unique vision, are all expressed in the body of work you see today. Revise’s pieces seek to encompass the magnetic, artistic side of graffiti as well as the love of illegal street art he will always possess.