My name is Sintex, I’m from Detroit. I’m an artist by nature, graf, graffiti, illustration, 3D animation, I take part in all of these things, the creative side of me. I’m always into art, it’s been my first thing, my first love, my first passion in life is to be an artist. I take more to graffiti because it’s more visual to pedestrians and regular people on the street, just to see something, to make them stare, make them glance, or however, to keep seeing. A piece of mine is something satisfying to me, as an artist even though without money or payment, I know I can still do what I do and love, and people still take kind to it.

Why do I do what I do? Mostly because it comes from my heart, it comes from my soul. My imagination is pretty huge, so whatever I think about or see, I try to make people see what I see, in the sense of how my imagination fits, however I want to put art on a wall, or on canvas or on a piece of paper or on a computer screen. So, it’s always coming from my imagination. My passion is first and foremost, everything I do, everything about me, is for the sake of art. I paint all the time. I draw all the time. It’s just something that I really enjoy doing. I am an artist living, and living within art. There is really no limitations how that can be put or explained.