Nuyorican born artist SinXero’s (SX) artistic style utilizes raw imagery, creative text and a palette of colors upon layers of mixed media in retrospect to the early 80s, when NYC’s billboards and posters were being put up, torn down and a graffiti writer’s canvas. With his artistic weapons of choice (SX) pays an “Ode To The Streets,” by capturing an authentic period golden to the Hip Hop Era as he produces urban landscapes & textures reminiscent of the front of old school bodegas, handball courts and NYC streets, as well as, bombed MTA trains. A true visionary, SinXero informs, enlightens & educates the public about a past, which was filled with mentors that were hustlers, number runners and loan sharks as he addresses personal and social issues that are taking place in the world and in our community today.

With SX’s camera lens, passers by are often captured and brought into his digital realm and transformed into thought provoking street art characters, which at times become subjects upon the canvas that tell a story of intrigue. The backstory of SinXero’s paintings spring to life through his signature touch fueled with emotion, depicting the subconscious scratching at the surface seeking to escape and moments in time that often fleet through our fingertips.

SinXero’s roots can be traced back to the Boogie Down Bronx. His artistic talents were developed at Art & Design H. S. and NYC college of Technology, where his areas of concentration were under Advertising & Communication Design and Graphic Design, as well as, Web Design. (SX) also holds a degree in Writing & Literature. Currently, he is a Grafstract Expressionist, Designer & Creative Consultant

SinXero Produces Street Art from The SX Lab via: Digital Media, Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrylic Paint, Aerosol Spray Paint, Stencils, Silkscreens, Paper & Glue, Stickers and Markers, as well as Various Paints. All Works © Copyright, 2000 – SinXero (SX).

Grafstract Expressionism is an early 21st century urban art movement that has evolved from graffiti art or combining a mixed-media of graffiti and street art elements of design with an emphasis to create dynamic compositions based off of a spontaneous interaction among line, shape and color. STYLE: Grafstract designs are highly stylistic, bold and bright with a multitude of layered colors, lines and shapes that project a flowing energy of expressive movement. The origins of the term Grafstract Expressionism was coined by the artist Fumero and in collaboration with another New York artist SinXero, which have revolutionized the contemporary art world with a new title that specifically describes the crossing over into the genres of fine street art and graffiti.