En Masse at Art Pop was a collaborative mural project on paper created by 12 teenagers with artistic aptitude mentored by 6 local emerging artists.

The project was created by Jason Botkin, Rupert Bottenberg, Kit Malo, Katie Green, Darryl Climan, Jonathan Asselin, and Meaghan Siddall McNerney as the first ever pedagogical EN MASSE endeavour.

Our project mandate, tandem and direct relationship to the Montreal International Music Festival, Pop Montreal, Art Pop (a curated visual arts program of established and emerging Canadian artists, primarily from Québec, who work within a multiplicity of mediums including performance, installation and immersive art practices), was to foster community-oriented art programming based in the interaction and immersion between our chosen artists, partnerships with other arts organizations, and the public.

En Masse at Art Pop involved 6 of the En Masse roster of artists, selected for their ability to mentor, inspire and guide 12 selected teenage artists from local schools. The project was the creation of a spontaneous site-specific mural that, through the course of the 5 days of the festival was collectively envisioned.

Through the direct, hands-on creation of a piece of collective work guided by emerging artists, En Masse at Art Pop was designed to give talented youth who might not otherwise have such opportunities (through lack of financial resources or programs) a chance to expand their understandings of their own practices and their potentials as creators.

The program ran the full duration of the Art Pop festival, from the 30th of September until the 4th of October, 2009, at the RED BIRD Gallery.