Wow!  Just wrapped up the EN MASSE’s participation in the  2010 edition of Montreal’s Nuit blanche festivities, realized in association with Art Souterrain, and the Festival Montreal en Lumieres.  And what a ride!!

Launched on 27 February 2010, Art Souterrain is the biggest 15 day underground exhibition of contemporary art ever seen in town, bringing together a huge diversity of artists for a production spanning the 3.5 km of underground tunnels from Complexes les Ailes to Complexe Guy Favreau.

This EN MASSE creation took place in the tunnel level of Eaton Center, live from 6pm till 3am, with the participation of nearly  30 artists working on a string of canvases spanning 150ft, by 3ft high

The completed works will  be soon mounted high above the walkway on the overhead bulkheads until the 13th of March, 2010, remaining highly visible throughout the commercial center…if you didn’t get a chance to check it out last night, be sure to hustle to the mall to catch it in person…the photos just don’t do justice!

Now, while not quite the double bacon whopper the ‘Pangee’ drawing was (weighing in at over 10 x 150 feet of collaborative month-long drawing explosions), the one night creation of  3 x 150 feet of master-stroke on canvas was witnessed by tens of thousands of  folks in the short hours between 6PM till 3AM.  Much love to all those who came out to draw and stretch necks!