The Montreal Pool Room, a greasy Montreal institution, is moving over for EMMAY 28, 201036 artists descended upon the ‘Main’ (boulevard Saint-Laurent, entre René-Lévesque et Sainte-Catherine), armed with spray paint, brushes and ink, attacking 365 feet of boarded up facade along the west side of the street.

The EM crew was given the old Montreal Pool Room store front to work on. From a 2009 Gazette story:

“One of the most popular night spots in the 1960s and ’70s was the Montreal Pool Room, at 1200 St. Laurent, where you could score a hot dog steamé and rub shoulders with the likes of a young Leonard Cohen or Michel Tremblay.

“Reeking of patates, steamies and lost innocence, this cheap Red Light institution has hands down the best hot dogs and inhale-the-grease fries,” is how one tourist guidebook writer described the Pool Room.

In spite of the date on the door that claims a Bulgarian immigrant, Filipoff Dakov, opened the Montreal Pool Room in 1912, city archives show Dakov obtained his first licence in 1921.

His was one of three billiards rooms on the block.

The Montreal Pool Room lost much of its legendary underground allure after it was gutted by fire in 1989. When it reopened, things weren’t quite the same.”

This incredible project was realized by le Quartier des spectacles, with des Escales Improbables.


PS…This comment below was left on the old website.  It was too good not to be included here, although the formatting is different.

Just to say that i have spent over 12 years of my life working at the Montreal Pool Room, being the first french canadian to work there was quite an experience. I started there at 17 and left at 29, working for a bulgarian named Petre Stefanov who took over the restaurant after an older lady named Maria decided it was time to call it quit. It was probably the best life experience I had, I grew up in Ville Émard, never had travel or seen much of the world, but working there was giving me a new sight on a lifestyle only the red light could give. Surrounded by all the spere of society, from the hookers, drug dealers, criminals, to lawyers, businessmen, policemen and so on. There was so many things that i have seen, lived. After the fire in 1989, we cleaned up the place and reopen after three weeks of hard work, but from the day of reopening to the time I left, the Montreal Pool Room was the bysiest restaurant on the corner, i could make easily over 2000 hot dogs on a single lunch (11:30 to 1:30-2:00) the line up outside the restaurant was almost to the national building. I met a lot of famous people there, France Castel, Carole Laure, Dino Bravo, Tex Lecord, Claude meunier, Gaétan Girouard, Mr, Desmarais just to name a few. What good memories I hold of that place.