“I’ve heard about it, I’ve read about it, I’ve admired some of the work, and I’ve seen photos from some of the many events. It’s been described as a series of artistic conversations and as a non-linear dialogue, but what does that really mean? Sitting around a table covered with shoes in the good company of three other artists, co-founder Jason Botkin answers the big question: What exactly is En Masse?”

The opening from a feature Crux Magazine did on EN MASSE recently, as part of their “Shoe Fetish” isssue. This spot was written by Karyn Gray, the author of “Black Sheep”, a collection of photographs, stories, and reflections on family from the perspective of individuals involved in underground scenes, aiming to challenge the presumption that people involved in subcultures—be it hardcore, punk, graffiti, skate, tattoo culture, or whatever else–come from unstable homes or have poor family values.

Head over to the CRUX site to check out the amazing images put together by J.F. Mailhot for this special project, which had us working directly on the sides of white leather Chuck Taylors! CLICK HERE

Scroll down to view some equally excellent pics by our resident digital cyclops, Fred Caron!

A special thanks to Vivian Savoy for her Crux magic…amazing work… most appreciated! The project was sponsored by Coors Lite. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these, don’t hesitate to contact us!

photos :fred caron