Celebrating our third consecutive NUIT BLANCHE, and our second year anniversary, the EN MASSE “Henge” project was by far our largest black and white drawing explosion yet, weighing in at nearly 45 artists working on this mammoth project!!

Named the “Henge” project, this experimental collaborative event was a part of the Art Souterrain activities hosted in the Complexe Desjardins. Paying homage to Stonehenge, 8 megaliths set in a ring will be covered in a highly-spontaneous, densely packed visual dialogue of incredibly rich flavor.

These incredible works are still up, although re-located to the Cité Internationale for the next two weeks. Go check these guys out at 629 St Antoine W.

For those of you unable to make the Cité pilgrimage, or who experienced the disasterous misfortune of having missed the event in person, please scroll down and soak in the magic through the following amazing series of photos, supplied by the almighty J.F. MAILHOT over at Crux Magazine. This is just a sample of the many great photos he’s got over his site…GO CHECK EM OUT! Thanks for these J.F.!!

Also, a huge thanks to all of the artists who came down to mall to help set up and jam on this one!! Many repeat offenders, and a number of new and incredibly talented faces to the project.