During NYC’s annual Armory Week art fair madness, an EN MASSE skeleton crew from Montreal teamed up with a host of talent from Manhattan, Brooklyn, New England, Japan and elsewhere for an impressive 8’x28’ mural at Fountain Art Fair, at the 69th Regiment Armory (the actual site of the original Armory Show in 1913), March 9-11.

Twenty-two artists in all threw in: Alan Ganev (MTL), Beeforeo (MTL), Bonnie Brenda Scott (Philadelphia), Dave Tree (Boston), Elle (NYC), Fred Caron (MTL), Gospel (Tokyo), Ian Ross (San Francisco), Ikko Torcida (Tokyo), Jason Botkin (MTL), Kevin Ledo (MTL), Lindsay Carron (LA), LNY (NYC), Masato Okano (Tokyo), Mustart (NYC), Never Satisfied (NYC), Optimo Primo (NYC), Paz (NYC), Radical (Albany), Rupert Bottenberg (MTL), Victor Cox (NYC) and WhatIsAdam (MTL). 

Down at the other end of the armory, meanwhile, the van donated to the cause by Fountain director Johnny Leo (bless his soul), sat covered in primer and awaiting the EN MASSE treatment. Twelve artists answered the call — Beeforeo, Elle, Fred Caron, Ian McGillivray (NYC), Ian Ross, Ikko Torcida, Jason Botkin, Kevin Ledo, LNY, Optimo Primo, Radical, Rupert Bottenberg and WhatIsAdam. If this van ain’t a-rockin’…


A fond tip of EM’s collective hat to Carlo De Luca, director, and Adam Vieira, art director, of Station 16, Montreal’s premiere fine-art silkscreen studio and honourable, patriotic allies of EN MASSE. Station 16 made its NYC debut at Fountain as well, showcasing (and selling briskly!) the t-shirts, posters and limited-edition prints of EN MASSE and other super-cool works from its roster of artists and its print-of-the-month project.

A big EN MASSE group hug and salute to the hardworking Fountain team, to Johnny, Rachel, Beth and the bunch, and to the indefatigable, ineffable Samson Contompasis, director of Albany’s Marketplace Gallery and maker of things happening.