Friday, 21 Sept. 2012 saw a cocktail party in the third-floor lobby of the Decelles building of HEC Montréal, which is arguably Canada’s leading business school with over a hundred years of history and three international accreditations.

The school’s directors were gathered to celebrate the completion of a permanent EN MASSE installation. Filling a wide and mildly concave wall, as well as two flanking sets of four 4×8 panels opposite (for a total of almost 70 square metres), the work is pretty much the most technically demanding EN MASSE has created to date. I

ts aim is to engage the school’s coming generation of business professionals with expressions of four key themes — innovation, light, motion and openness — with a literal illustration of the value of creative, respectful and quick-thinking collaboration towards a greater good. Judging by the bottlenecks of curious and complimentary spectators in the breaks between classes, during the week of production involved, the students were getting it before the fresco was even completed.

Starting with the theme of light, the EN MASSE team of Jason Botkin, Rupert Bottenberg, Fred Caron, Tyler Rauman, Carlos Santos, Krista Bursey, Jason Wasserman, Peter Ferguson, Dan Buller and Jeremy Shantz worked outwards, symmetrically, from a central blank white circle on the main wall, through ever-darkening shades of grey into black. The intricate and carefully realized patchwork of intriguing images the emerged was thus infused with a powerful feeling of illumination. The smaller panel series flanking the main wall were likewise achieved with an effective sense of light into dark.

Our thanks to the administrative, technical and security staff of HEC Montréal, particularly the eternally patient and helpful director of building works, Nelson Couture. Treat yourself to the extensive documentation assembled by HEC’s capable in-house media production team!


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