We’re doing we did  a small EN MASSE presentation onTuesday, 09 March 2010, from 11:30-1 in the PM, and though not terribly well attended (hard to pull art interested folk to the mall), a good time was had by all, especially those who drew.

Should be an afternoon worth checkin’ out, including a performance from Vision Diversité : Queen Ka, a presentation from the editor of Ratsdeville,  Éric Bolduc, and the presentation of works by Isabelle Choinière and Stéphan Ballard, Jose Luis Torres, Olivier Lefebvre et Marjolaine Samson.

This lunch time brain-enhancement will take place in the bowels of Eaton’s center, with our EM workshop being hosted at the Cafe Depot, 705 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

The schedule as follows…

ratsdeville, the visual arts’ diversity webzine, presents the “mise en lumière” of the Eaton Centre in two segments:lunch time11:30-12:15 : performance of En Masse
12:30-01:00 : presentation of En Masse*

after work
05:00-05:30 : musical performance of Vision Diversité : Queen Ka, slam
05:30-07:30 : artistic itinerary with Éric Bolduc, editor of ratsdeville

A 5 to 7 and a half visit to present the artists of the Eaton Centre : Isabelle Choinière et Stéphan Ballard, Jose Luis Torres, Olivier Lefebvre and Marjolaine Samson

* The presentation of En Masse will take place at Café Dépôt