July 29 was a jam-packed Pedestrian Sunday in Toronto’s Kensington Market, and in backlot of El Gordo Foods (check ’em for churros, lobster tacos and more  — gracias, Alfonso), the gang behind Whippersnapper Gallery set off their Sheroes: Virtual Season event — a self-contained mini-festival amid the madness, a near-sacred celebration of the wonder women of pop culture, and/or an excuse for beer-soaked fun in the (blazing) sun.

EN MASSE had the task of filling up an 80-foot cinder-block wall, and other walls nearby as well (EM’s Jason Botkin splashed some freaky faces on ’em). A band of Montreal veterans and a bunch of new recruits in Toronto made this thing happen, with chunks of the previous year’s multicoloured mural deliberately allowed to peep through, adding new flavour to the EM recipe. The artists on hand were Alexa Hatanaka, Alexandra Mackenzie, Cheryl Voisine, Clayton Hanmer and Steve Wilson of Trio Magnus, Dave Todaro, Fiona Smyth, Ginette Lapalme and Patrick Kyle of Wowee Zonk, Heidi Taillefer, Jason Botkin, Julia Dickens, Katie Green, Krista Bursey, Mark Laliberté, Nicolas Robins (Peeramid), Nina Bunjevac and Rupert Bottenberg.

Our thanks to Joshua Barndt and the Whippersnapper team, and a defiant raised-fist salute to Toronto DJ-plus El Machetero for his killer set of revolutionary hard soul.

(Photo credits: Jason Botkin)