We’ve an incredible amount of goodness to post, beginning with the 7th international edition of Les Escales Improbables, a festival celebrating the arts “without borders”.  This was a three day explosion of artistic activity in the Old Port of Montreal, held from the 8 to 12 of September.

If you were on site over the weekend, you know this was an AMAZING event, pure sunny sky magic stuffed with a healthy dose of  absurd on every corner.  Professional singers meandering through crowds in full operatic song sung into cell phones, odd bicycle contraptions, and compelling art/audio installations were only some of the sights to behold, along side of our own unique presentation of the EM project, entitled “EN MASQUED”.

This was a chance for us to dress up in clock-worked white jump suits and masks, covered incognito-camouflage in the distinctive black and white collaborative patterning.

A VERY SPECIAL thanks to MR. FRED CARON for the all-seeing digital eye wizardry on the images featured in this post!!  Much more magik please at THIS LOCATION

Although the sweat factor was off the charts while the sun beat down directly on our backs for the better part of each day’s five hour production schedule, these masks were great fun, inciting all manner of great reaction from the many folk who came to watch the drawing take place!  Kids were especially thrilled by the strange spectacle!

Kinda’ hard to beat this particular setting!  Along with the main series of panels (20′ x 8′), we worked on 6 freestanding cut-out shapes in the loose form of ‘masks’ or missshapen faces (that’s what happens when you let me loose with the jig saw and a few fresh panels of plywood!).

These smaller pieces, each aprox 4′ x 4′ turned out beautifully…stay tuned for details on these finished pieces, as they deserve a separate post!

This last gorgeous ‘teaser’ for the full image COMING SOON was created by Elodie Audin, from the Escales team…thanks Elodie!  She has a whole raft of pretty hot pics which I’ll boot up to ourfacebook page (show the love)