This was our very first project with La Maison Simons, and what an amazing experience.  A gruelling experience in fact!

We gave ourselves five days to pull off the nearly impossible.  Each night, working after the close of store (9pm-), we began work on a new mural, roughly 16 x 16′, with a very small team of 6 artists.

For four consecutive nights we pulled of a wall, each one better than the last.  ON the fifth night, we covered an enormous series of change rooms off the men’s DJAB section.  During the days, we worked on removable panels to be fitted into the space.  Epic amount of work, but some of the best work produced by a team to date!

CHECK OUT FRED CARON’S VIDEO OF THIS EVENT (linked below) for an excellent vision of this process in action.  Some great time lapse footage…he really captured the intimate, intense spirit of this deep winter production week!