A  small group of EM artists were invited to take part in this year’s Manifesto Festival of Community  and Culture.  Manifesto has grown to become arguably Canada’s largest hip hop festival in just three years, bringing together hundreds of artists & performers with thousands of attendees to showcase the city’s talented arts community and strengthen its foundations by building a collective sense of pride and possibility.
This explosive festival featured five days of incredible events across the city, culminating in a massive free outdoor concert at Yonge & Dundas Square in the heart of downtown Toronto, where we were given five hours to cover a MASSIVE semi-trailor, spanning 8′ x 50′!
A herculean feat to say the least.Our participation in Manifesto was made possible by Under Pressure / Sterling Downey…special thanks to the master-blaster for setting it all up for the team!  Another special thanks to FRed Caron for the pics!  Always so fine!From Mtl:

From T-dot:

We waited on that spot for hours that day, while the driver of this fat truck got lost, then had an accident, and was completely out of range without cell phone.  These moments of contemplation were more of an exercise in keeping eyes open…none of us pulled in more than a few hours of sleep the night before.  Ask for details…juicy story

Happy to start in on this beast, the set-up for hittin the top of the truck was less than ideal…seconds later this entire rig came crashing down with me on top…years of ninja training paid off, escaping death narrowly.  (slight exaggerartion)

Tyler in the background, and FiveEight up front.  Sadly, no pics of EGR or Elicser, yet…will post em if I can find em’.

almost done at this point, but not quite.  More happened, but I’ll be damned if I can find any ‘finished’ product pic, before this rig pulled out like a catholic

this truck is currently traveling across north america in it’s new duds…pretty incredible sight i’d say…imagine the kid in the back of the station wagon who gets passed by this monster on wheels!  We put the website up top, just in case…rapture ready

 Every good story needs a happy finish right?