In the Lord’s year of 2011, we were invited to Miami to participate in the SCOPE Art Fair, as part of the larger Miami Art Week explosion of activity!

Very few pictures were captured under the extreme nature of these projects sadly.  We arrived to this plastic paradise the day before the fair opening, fully expecting to create these works on site over the course of a few days.  We soon discovered this was not the case, and were left with less than 24hrs to find the wood, shape and assemble and prime it, and get er’ done n’ delivered.  We also needed to find a location to craft our wares.  Swallow hard.

During our frantic day’s journey in search of supplies, we stumbled upon the courtyard of the Fountain Art Fair (and it’s beautiful people) who very graciously allowed us to work over one very long night on this production. A large E and M were created for the SCOPE Foundation that got delivered within five minutes to spare.

for more about the line-up that year:

The following night we rolled back into that very same fountain courtyard to create a new work for this second fair, under much more pura vida vibes.  Again, no pics sadly (shame on us!). Trust me, it was great!