EN MASSE made its first foray into a new but obvious festival setting when it set down stakes at the Montreal Comiccon 2012 at Palais des Congrès, 14-16 September.

The now-annual event is the large-scale, delightfully diverse comics-plus convention that Montreal had been so sorely lacking, and it boasted a massive turnout over its three days, which saw the likes of William Shatner, Malcolm McDowell and Mike Mignola as special guests. For EM veterans with an attachment to the comic-book medium, it was an unusually exciting and stimulating environment.

In addition to the countless comic dealers, cosplay suppliers, geek-wear hawkers and gamer booths was a wide selection of independent comic artists selling their own wares. Several were recruited to jump in on the four 4×4 canvases installed on sandwich-board structures, thus making their EM debuts.

One canvas, initiated by DC Comics legend George Perez, was raffled off to raise funds for Oxfam Quebec — congratulations to the winner, Elio Castello of Laval!

The participants, all told, were Jason Wasserman (who managed this particular EM event), Raphaële Bard, Krista Bursey, Rupert Bottenberg, Dan Buller, Bernie Mireault, Siris, Sanya Anwar, Angie Allaire, Jono Doiron, Caroline Breault, Boum, Chis Dyer and of course George Perez.

EM’s little island of activity was well located in a heavily trafficked spot by the hall’s main entrance. All weekend, a dense public flowed by, taking endless photos, learning about the project, donating to Oxfam and checking out the solo work of the EM artists at the merch table.

The crowd was an eyeful in itself — plenty of shuffling zombies, anime cosplay cuties, space warriors and weekend Wonder Women milling about. Hopefully the first of many comic-con EM events, this premiere-issue appearance happened thanks to the con’s Special Events Coordinator Cliff Caporale and the supportive Comiccon team.



Photo credits: Jason Wasserman