To celebrate the official launch of MOTOR FX, a firm specializing in Flame and other special effects, a small portion the EN MASSE crew was asked to do a wall piece as part of the event.  On top of this live production, a number of works from previous EM editions were on display around the space , creating a dramatic effect!

A vinyl stencil of the MOTOR logo had been applied to the wall before the drawing process began.  When completed, the removal of the vinyl resulted in the above effect…pretty slick!

A bit on the blurry side, but the house lights had been turned down for mood. Kevin LedoRupert BottenbergTyler Rauman, and Tyson Bodnarchuk contemplating the masterpiece their hands had collectively created.  Also featuring the work of Tim BarnardRodzFred Casia, Lateef Martin, and myself, Jason Botkin.

The bar was open, Litchee Martinis all around, and amazing food had by all, while enjoying the atmosphere of this beautiful historic space, located in the heart of old Montreal

ET VOILA!  Pretty tight…we were all very proud of this one…these drawings get better and better as we move along!