For the 2011 edition of the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Montreal-based animators See Creature invited EN MASSE to create a work live at the festival.

The production of the 5’x20’ work on canvases was meticulously documented— enhanced even, with animated elements being generated on the canvases while the core EM team and some auxiliary animators painted — by See Creature.

That, in turn, was whittled down and worked over into the signal film for the festival’s 2012 edition, and the original artwork — created by Rupert Bottenberg, Igor Boudnikov, Isaac King, Fred Casia, Dave Cooper, Dale Hayward, Pascal Rodrigue, Carlos Santos, Malcolm Sutherland, Sylvie Trouvé and Jason Wasserman — displayed with honours at the Art Gallery of Ottawa during the festival.


 All pics courtesy of Dale Hayward!