Since its inauguration in 2007, PAPIER has been showcasing the versatility of the medium of paper. Whether engaging with paper as a medium or as a concept, artists exhibiting at the fair offer something for everyone and allow us to rediscover paper through its various forms.

By highlighting the medium of paper, PAPIER sets itself apart from other fairs in North America.

The fair makes art accessible to a diverse public that includes experts, amateurs, professionals, and neophytes who are eager to learn more about art.

We were invited to participate in this excellent Mtl based fair by our beloved Galerie Pangée (RIP). Needing to create a steady stream of work over the three days of the fair, Margot Ross of Pangée commissioned Michael Shantz and I to coverer thousands of canvas supports in paper, until our fingers and eyes bled.  I exaggerate only slightly to prove a point, but in the end, we had a substantial stash of paper covered canvases which got covered in (as you’ve guessed) black and white drawings!

As one section of the wall began to fill up, it would be swapped out for a virgin fresh support.  This turned out to be a pretty cool experiment in process, and was well received by the crowds in attendance.