Chicago is home to the illustrious School of the Chicago Institute of Art, where we were invited by Katherine Desjardins (teacher and artist extraordinaire) to conduct a workshop for a group of “large-scale life drawing” class students to.

After brief intros and dull speeches, the group spread around the room, covering every available surface in huge sheets of white bond paper and ink. Images were then cut out and re-assembled in monster Frankenstein fashion on three separate sites around the school, in a what became a first for the EN MASSE project; an entirely wheat-paste-based-collage exerpiment.

Mind blowing!

Please note that while there is only one artist listed on this project (Botkin), there were nearly two dozen students making this work possible.

Team One—Columbus Café—Date: Weds 9/18

  • Darius Airo
  • Kyle Montemurro
  • Quinn Koeneman
  • Ashley Lapoint
  • Grace Bromley
  • Andrew Vo

Team Two—Columbus Entryway—Date: Weds 9/19

  • Scarlet Chung
  • Kellia Yao
  • Stephanie Ren
  • Nadia Waheed
  • Hannah Hudelson

Team Three—112 S. Michigan Entryway—Date: Weds 9/20

  • Wilson Ma
  • Anwar Mahdi
  • May Jernigan
  • Khendum  Namgyal
  • Meghan Cho