This was our second invitation to La Maison Simons in Ste Foy Quebec.

This family run store had been nestled in Quebec City for 159 years before fifth generation leader Peter Simons successfully expanded the retailer across the province, and beginning to appear throughout Canada.

They have an incredible policy towards supporting the arts in Quebec, and we were honoured to be again invited to participate in their collection.  It goes without say (almost) that the chance to work with this Quebec City based team is also too good to resist…a truly incredible pool of talent in that city!!

From their website, a little on their artistic mission:

At Simons we have the greatest respect for the diversity of life and all its beauty. Our mission is to convey our passion for fashion in the surroundings where we attend to our customers by offering them a unique, pleasant, and friendly environment. We cultivate curiosity and creativity. We draw our inspiration from travel and discoveries, which is why we are inspired by the work of artists and artisans in a variety of disciplines. Like these artists, who are eager to express the beauty of the things around them in their creations, we believe that fashion also adds beauty to the world in the gathering places we call our stores.