Old friends of Fred Caron, we were invited to play with the boys of Teaspoon Brigade out in Victoriaville, in celebration of the launching of their new store.  Although three people alone on this van can be considered a very small lineup for a van this size, Fred, Olivier and I managed to pull it off in a respectable time.  This former ice cream truck serves as their mobile pop-up shop…slick ride!

From their website:

Focusing on difference and originality, TEASPOON is the creative brand researching the new. Exclusivity is the main direction leading the TEASPOON collective  to build his empire with his own marginal identity. Small series of clothes  in limited editions and hard to find in stores are created. The collective members, the SPOONERS, work together to build something unique and brutal with the designs and also by the printing techniques. Home made style process customize to give a new approch and style to their work. Everything is done by TEASPOON, from the drawing tables to the screen printing ! Life is great !