The DICE Show…final instalment


Finished up the final touches on the INCREDIBLE piece at Headquarters Gallery on Friday evening, celebrating the accomplishment with a hot and sweaty party.

From Tyson’s blog

“The Dice show will be a unique experience for the viewer and the participants as the show will literally evolve and shift throughout the month. Teaming up with local design mega-stars, Furni, the main piece consist of forty-five 2′ x 2′ panels mounted on the wall. There will be 3 evening sessions throughout May (the 6th. 13th & 20th), which everyone is invited to drop by, say hello and watch as the piece grows. At the end of each session, dice will be rolled and the results dictate the placement of the panels, mixing up the the work and morphing the overall piece into something new each week.”

We  teamed up with Blank apparel Moniker to create a series of one of a kind t-shirts that will also be available at HQ for the coming months.  These shirts are incredible, though sadly, I’ve not yet got any good quality pictures of these to show off, yet.  Soon…I promise.