Q: What do the Edmonton Oilers and the Titanic have in common?

A: They both look good until they hit the ice!

All jokes aside, this was a very close call with disaster.  An unforgettable week in Edmonton, with a titanic amount of work for travelling artists Fred Caron and myself!

We were invited to do our thang at the Works Festival of Art and Design.  From their site:

The Works attracts artists and patrons from around the world, boosting the energy and imagination of Downtown Edmonton at the start of every summer.  The Works is a free event that draws an audience representing all ages and interests, offering over 200 exciting exhibits and special events to the public.

For the first 4 days of our given 5 days in production, we experienced the extremely rare misfortune of having no artists show up to work with us locally.  This has only ever been experienced in this city to date.

Fred and I worked those first four very long days in the blazing prairie sun, pounding out a side of each archway in about 10 hours, with our scaffolding and ladders.  The work was gruelling, but we were grateful for the magnificent weather, and the incredible hospitality of the Edmontonian natives in general.

In fairness to many of the local artists at that time, only days before Fred and I had arrived, the police had raided a local gallery (small underground joint off the side of an art supply store) which was showcasing the work of a street artist specializing in some stencil designs.  A perfect example of a bazooka used in the stead of a slap on the wrist.  Many, especially in the graff and street art communities were understandably afraid to show their faces in this light.

In the end, the work on these giant arching gates turned out beautifully, and our experience there will be unforgettable, in no small part thanks to the incredible people who helped to organize this event.  A VERY special thanks goes out to Dawn Saunders Dahl for brining the love!