This project came together through Montreal’s UNDER PRESSURE event…a great big wall at the famous (or infamous) FOUFOUNES ELECTRIQUE.

The majority of the artists involved on this wall were here for the first time in an EN MASSE production, but despite the ‘green’ team, the work progressed beautifully on a wall that was VERY difficult to draw on, accounting for the set of stair climbing it’s surface, and the jerry-rigged scaffolding set up.

My personal highlight of this event was the leaning precariously off the top of a  30′ ladder left-handed pretzel, rendered by one of Mtls’ finest painters, Zoltan Veevaete!  We like the cut of his jib.

Les Foufounes Électriques is a terribly colorful bar…legendary in fact!  Its weird maze-like series of concert caverns is located at 87 Saint Catherine Street East, in a neighbourhood known as the Latin Quarter. This joint first opened its doors in 1983 and became a centre for undergroundmusic, art and culture, known affectionally by the locals as “Foufs”.

More about UNDER PRESSURE from their site:

My name is Under Pressure, I am both an event and a magazine based on graffiti. I came into being because the city of Montreal was constantly bad mouthing graffiti in the media. Then, fed up of all the bullshit the city was squacking, a couple of graffiti writers decided to hold an event to show the public that graffiti is not a gang thing…