¡UNDER PRESSURE! — Down with the Kings — 2010


Under Pressure event…always dope!  A weekend festival of all things graf and urban culture, smack in the heart of downtown Montreal!  Featuring the work of a dozen or so EM artists.

Pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups…getting ready for a greuling day with (from left to right) Tyson Bodnarchuk, Philippe Descoteaux, Regimental Oneton (our immediate neighbor and partner in crime, working spray/stencil MAGIC), Duy Thang Nguyen.  Work began round noon, and at full speed in a thick haze of spray-can-mist, ended when the sun’s light gave out on us, at which point the sky opened up and poured fourth torrential rain!

Amazing to work white on black for this event…always great effects, though we had to work around some serious architectual/textural elements to get these images lookin’ tight…nooks n’ crannies, pipes, wires, wire mesh, bird shite…the works in other words.

Dan Buller came in and dropped some phat ZARDOZ …gives me shivers, even without the puking guns…oh gosh

View with scaffold…gives nice scale to the wall…pretty big space