June 22-23 2012, a small, elite EN MASSE team drove down to Vermont for an installation at Front Porch Forum Gallery in Winooski.

It was under the umbrella of the Winooski Pop-Up Gallery District event. In its second year, the annual one-weekend initiative aims to inject some cultural energy into charming yet sleepy little square-mile town.

The assignment for En Masse: paint every inch of a 4’x4’x4’ plywood cube. Montrealers Cheryl Voisine, Jason Wasserman, Dave Todaro, Katie Green and Rupert Bottenberg — joined by newly recruited Vermont artists Alex Costantino and Gregory “FlameApe” Giordano — did the deed.

Meanwhile, Katie Green took the opportunity to spread the word on EM’s pedagogical wing, EN MASSE For the Masses, with a presentation at the Winooski Welcome Center.

The finished cube was later suspended by chains from the ceiling at the same space — on point, so all six sides were visible!

Our special thanks to Maison Kasini’s Ric Kadour and Chris Byrne, and to Jodi Harrington, for making this happen!


photo credits: Katie Green